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Northern Indiana/Southern Michigan

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Heya, fellow shroomers!
I'm from St. Joseph County, IN and all of the forums for my area are pretty much dead. It'd be refreshing to see even a little activity from my area...just a lil bit? Lol.
I prefer to hunt in Southern Indiana during the earlier part of the season and work my way to Northern MI. This past year, I swear I've packed twice the amount of research into my brain than any other year. All types of info from spore prints to chemical absorption. So, any information at all won't be shot down, even if I am already aware.
I honestly just want to see people in my area share the same hobby and love nature as much as I do.
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🍄 Happy 2023 Morel Season to all my shroomie pals out there! 🍄
Here in South Bend, IN, the season is creeping up on us and could easily be here after just a week of some nice 50° & sunny days. We've sure had a lot of precipitation, which definitely leaves me hopeful for an epic season this year.
(Don't let the picture fool ya, last week was t-shirt

Building Sky Snow Window House

weather, today snow, tomorrow who the hell knows 😂)
I'm in southern MI sitting here watching the snow fall. I'm about sick of it. Got about 4 inches today. We have accumulated a lot since that ice storm a few weeks back.
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