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Northwest Indiana

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The rain is a welcome sight! I already found 2 black morels and I wasn't really even looking. I am hoping the warm weather this weekend will get them really popping! Last year was so pitiful! Found a few but not even enough for a snack!!
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I'm in northwest Indiana also and we've been out a couple of times but haven't found anything yet. I can't wait for this weekend to get started!!!
I saw some dandelions in the middle of people's yards. Not many, but it is right around the corner. You can bet I'll be out this weekend in my Illinois spot.
I live in Burns Harbor and have only been hunting morels in the area since last year. It was VERY dry and I attribute that to a large portion of the reason I didn't do very well. Are there any common NWI spots that typically produce? I'm from Mid-Michigan originally but the same rules don't seem to apply here for some reason. My wife works at Serenity Salon & Spa in Chesterton and she said one of the girls there found a couple yesterday. They should be out this weekend, just looking where to focus as we won't have much free time.
It was very bad for a lot of people last year around here, me included. I put a lot of time in and found very few. Sounds like you know what your doing. Ive always wanted to try by 49 and 94 but live about 45 minutes away. Wet wooded marshy areas is where i like to target. Good luck! let us know how you do!
@ DanG: I didn't know that dandelions were a sign that is was the Morels would be ready soon. I was taught that when the May Apples were up then the ground was ready for Morels to push through.

@ Ogrecharger: I have only been hunting 5 or so years myself, but think I have the hang of it now. Last year was too dry and not many were found. As you know that hunting spots are sacred. I have never been in the area across from the spa, but woodsy areas with the typical trees. Sorry, I can't tell you specific areas :eek:) Good luck!
Fungus Finder theres a ton of "tell tale" signs, dandelions in yards is just one of them. They need to be in the middle,not on the edges by the homes. When you see the first one go to seed you should be in the timber it is prime time. May apples are another. The lilacs blooming is another.
In Chesterton, the may apples are up, the trilliums are up and the wild onions are up. I saw my first asparagus today in my yard. I did not see and morels yet but they should be right around the corner. We had lots of rain and the sunny warm weather is very welcome. I looked for a few years around here and it seams that they simply do not like the clay soil we have. You either have to go south of hwy 6 around the moraine or towards La Porte. There was a recent burn in the beach areas at Indiana Dune but that is OFF LIMITS to pick. Looking is free though. The soil there is sand and has plenty south facing slopes. But Elms are not very common there. You could find an Ash here and there.
Hello mark1967. I've been hunting morels for years in the area and my best spot is in Chesterton. I'm sorry I can't tell you exactly where, but it is not at the Dunes. You are allowed to pick at the Dunes but not the federally controlled areas. Indiana controls some of the parts and it is allowed. Elms do produce the most morels, but I tend to find an abundance of them in briar patches. Good luck.
dcelectric, I am in Westville. Have you found any yet. I haven't been out much but am going Wednesday. Just didn't want to waste my time if others are not finding them yet. Thanks.... It's got to be getting close....
Well, I checked two of my hunting areas again yesterday and still nothing. It is early, I know. The two little black ones I found were just teasing me! The ground is soft enough, though more rain couldn't hurt, the temps are getting about right! I am hoping it will be any day now!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!
live in NE Indiana......havent been out yet,,,,its soooo flooded everywhere!! Elkhart / Kosciusko County...however, i did just see a post from Kosc county that they are finding Greys.....:) Im giving it one more week,,,and ill be lookin!! Waiting on lilacs to bloom as well....Last year they bloomed 3 weeks early!
I am in Michigan city and I just found some yellows. They are up..... :)
@Markjenna: I haven't even found a grey and you found some yellows. I am still holding out hope that it has been too early. I am going to try to play golf today and when I hit my ball in the woods (as I always do) I'm going to take a little extra time looking for it ;o)
WHEATFIELD ... My 8 year old twin girls found 20 greys in the neighbors yard this past weekend ... they were in the pine trees ... 17 of them were out in the direct sunlight around the base of an old cut pine tree ... sorry I haven't processed the photos yet !!! ... Taking them to upper Michigan for our annual pilgrimage this weekend ... Happy Huntin' Everybody !!!
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Found 3 small greys today after about an hour in the woods. Wheatfield area...
I was out today in Michigan city and didn't find any. Even the dryad's saddles were small. Later on in Chesterton the dryad's were bigger. Very yummy treat. But no morels there either. Any day now.
Found 10 ten today...three blacks at my place in laporte county...about 3 miles ne of Wanatah near hickory and populars...and seven greys over in saint Joe county...the greys were in a mixed Cheery, maple, poplar, oak forest beer some maypoles, briars, and dead and dying trees...the were all small; not too small to pick, but to small to justify the gas money to drive over there... Maybe some rain would help, they're not popping like 2011 but its still better than last year...I would like to find some half-frees....
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