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nwa prairie grove area

Discussion in 'Arkansas' started by thelefty1minus1, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. thelefty1minus1

    thelefty1minus1 Morel Enthusiast

    was wondering if anyone has had any luck yet in the washington/benton county areas. i live in prairie grove & my only 2 spots have been taken over by utility co's clearing. i wasnt able to hunt the past 2 years cause i cut 3 fingers off in a table saw mishap, so physical therapy & surgeries dominated my spring for 2 years they were able to put 2 fingers back on but they dont work. guess they're more for cosmetic reasons, LOLOL!. would love to be able to hunt for anyone that cant. i will happily split anything i find on ur property. i take nothing but morels and/or photos & leave nothing but footprints =] please feel free to contact me. i'm at yahoo, thelefty1minus1
    please put "morel hunt" in the subject line.
    i would honestly appreciate any help someone can offer. i'm finally able to get back into the woods but now i have no place to go, lol.