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Oh mushroom fairy...?

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In Omaha area ... it's about soil temp's right ? 53 degrees or not ? Might have ways to go huh ?
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Agreed. I bet some will be found this weekend or early next week though.
My girlfriend works with a lady whose husband apparently found some in Nebraska. She saw the picture just a small bowl full. Trying to get more info out of her but she said she thinks she said the town started with a T. Maybe Tecumseh? I know its not a verified find obviously with no picture but it does offer a glimmer of hope to just go out and look!
Trenton, NE. So over by McCook was where they were found. Should be getting a pic soon will post.
Ok, so not a small bowl at all and I've met the guy once and his wife and they don't seem like liars. Apparently this was found yesterday in Trenton, NE. <img src="">
Yep they were found yesterday. I also am in Omaha and looked today but not quite ready. Soon!
Yep I thought that was probably you man she said that you guys wanted to go together sometime this season. Yeah she thought Christen said it was you before but corrected me today when she sent me that pic. Pretty sweet though made me jealous as hell
Missouri is awesome I think. I haven't had much luck at the Platte.. haven't hunted Elkhorn river. Just started hunting river areas last year was always just the hills before that since you don't get sandy mushrooms that way. They come up a lot earlier by the river though so now I do both.
Well I work out in Gretna so I try Schramm park which kinda sucks for trees but I've found a few before. I've also tried on the other side of the Platte where there was a lot more timber and didn't get any last year. I did go to Two Rivers last year once and found a few nothing crazy. Missouri gave me a lot better luck.
I can have you filling bags by the Missouri lol.
Maybe so.. And yeah that'd be sweet. Hoping to get out this weekend on Sunday.. Thinking about taking Thursday or Friday off next week and going all day haha.
It's hard not to go out right now lol. I think I'm just gonna wait patiently for the temps to get right hopefully next week.
I hear Indian Cave State Park is good Cindy. It's in Falls City so South of Nebraska City by the MO border. Might be a good place to look this weekend.
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