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Oh mushroom fairy...?

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In Omaha area ... it's about soil temp's right ? 53 degrees or not ? Might have ways to go huh ?
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ok so when did they find em? I'm not asking anything specific except that... trenton is way too far and tha opposite direction from where I hunt. Im in Omaha, it's only rained a couple days then decided to snow?.... now it's warming up. and the forcast is calling for more rain in the next couple of days!
i have never found any by the Missouri river? maybe i wasnt stoned enough lol... it seems like people find em down by dodge park sense its a high traffic area ive looked far and away and haven't had much luck? has anyone else? or what about the Platte or elkhorn river?
so I've never found any by the Missouri river...been down by dodge park as well as half of the people that hunt from council bluffs and sense its a high traffic area I've tryed hiking further and with no luck? has anyone ? or how bout the elkhorn?
reaper? are you pullin my leg? I'll show you some hot spots on the platte if you show me anything from the Missouri!
oh reaper.... i hear you tho and you prolly didn't find much on the platte cuz they were in my bag! But hey if your ever lookin for someone cool ta go on a hunt with let me know! maybe we could help eachother out?
i....... don't wanna work.... i just want to mushroom hunt allday! f&c$ work! working is for peasants... morels are for the Gods!
1 - 7 of 34 Posts
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