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Oh mushroom fairy...?

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In Omaha area ... it's about soil temp's right ? 53 degrees or not ? Might have ways to go huh ?
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Verified true its my cousin and his wife that found em over 90 of em ole mccauley found !!
Im also in omaha but heading to mccook next friday and found along republican river had some good hot days lil snow/rain sunday and found em yesterday afternoon I got text and same pic saying its time buddy !! My cuz said they were a lot of small greys so hoping yellows are up by the time I get up there and no more cold I pray !!
Reaper is your girl Erica at kohles ?? If so my wife's christen and it was my cuz rich who found em out by mccook not me but hes not a bullshitter they find tons of em out there !!
Yeah when we get back from out west we'll have to go with you guys !!
Hope it stays warm !! As soon as were off friday the 25thwere gonna til the following thurs timing should be perfect out there for the big yellows hopefully its a long drawn out season with lots of em . Our plan is to turkey hunt mushroom hunt and walleye fish daily but we'll see !! Good luck post your findings !!!
1 - 5 of 34 Posts
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