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Oh mushroom fairy...?

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In Omaha area ... it's about soil temp's right ? 53 degrees or not ? Might have ways to go huh ?
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Well I work out in Gretna so I try Schramm park which kinda sucks for trees but I've found a few before. I've also tried on the other side of the Platte where there was a lot more timber and didn't get any last year. I did go to Two Rivers last year once and found a few nothing crazy. Missouri gave me a lot better luck.
I can have you filling bags by the Missouri lol.
oh reaper.... i hear you tho and you prolly didn't find much on the platte cuz they were in my bag! But hey if your ever lookin for someone cool ta go on a hunt with let me know! maybe we could help eachother out?
Yeah when we get back from out west we'll have to go with you guys !!
Maybe so.. And yeah that'd be sweet. Hoping to get out this weekend on Sunday.. Thinking about taking Thursday or Friday off next week and going all day haha.
Hope it stays warm !! As soon as were off friday the 25thwere gonna til the following thurs timing should be perfect out there for the big yellows hopefully its a long drawn out season with lots of em . Our plan is to turkey hunt mushroom hunt and walleye fish daily but we'll see !! Good luck post your findings !!!
i....... don't wanna work.... i just want to mushroom hunt allday! f&c$ work! working is for peasants... morels are for the Gods!
I am going to go and check spots today. hopefully I will see some morels :cool:
It's hard not to go out right now lol. I think I'm just gonna wait patiently for the temps to get right hopefully next week.
No luck. Oh well,............. great things come to those who wait.
I went out again today to no avail. Ground is dry, even though the temps are right. (I'm in southeastern Nebraska, just across the Iowa border).
I hear Indian Cave State Park is good Cindy. It's in Falls City so South of Nebraska City by the MO border. Might be a good place to look this weekend.
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