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Hocking County - Hedgehog from Sunday.

Mushroom Terrestrial plant Fawn Agaricaceae Fungus

While I found one nice sized Hedgehog, most were smaller, like these below.
Mushroom Wood Organism Terrestrial plant Fawn

I found 5 groupings of 20-30 Hedgehogs each that were just starting and therefore small. I believe a great Hedgehog focused huntung trip awaits in 4-5 days.

Enjoy some Fall woods time! 馃槑 馃尀

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cwlake -
Yea, I haven't seen any grifola/Hen of the Woods yet either.
On the hedgehogs -- I never find quantities here in Central OH/Franklin County. So, I'm thinking about doing a return trip to Hocking County to see how those 5 different groups of 30-35 each are progressing growing, in perhaps 5-6 days.
Enjoy the woods everyone! 馃槑馃尀

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shroomsearcher - I'm going to keep an eye on what falls in SE OH - Hocking County hoping those Hedge Hog Mushroms I saw Sunday get enough rain to grow further.

On to enjoying/cooking Sunday finds:

Tonight, I decided to do something quick. Biscuits with Bay Bolete & Hedge Hog Mushroom Gravy.

Food Ingredient Wood Cuisine Dish

Sauteeing the 'shrooms . . . and . . . well . . . there's Wine for the Cook and Sherry for the cooking!

Food Bottle Recipe Tableware Wine

While it was good (below), I'd hoped for something showing up the flavor of the Bay Boletes and Hedge Hogs better. The Half & Half and flour thickening muted the flavor to just satisfying & pleasant.

Food Tableware Dishware Grape juice Ingredient

If I get more good Bay Boletes and/or more Hedgehogs, I'm going to make Mushroom Soup--a version I made several years ago where I didn't do a cream base but a water base, just moderating the texture with some cream of tatar for slight thickening of the boullion water base. I remembered how well the 'Shroom flavor stood out.

Happy Hunting, All! 馃槑 馃尀

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cwlake Thanks.

Oops - my bad. I meant to say I had used corn starch as my thickener, not cream of tarter. I remember thinking as I wrote it "that's not right" but didn't rethink/change it.

The Boletus bicolor cap underside does turn blue, easily.

by Michael Kuo
Charles Peck named this species (1872) Boletus bicolor, the "two-colored bolete," because of its beautiful and starkly contrasting red and yellow colors. The cap and stem, when fresh, are bright red, and the young pore surface is bright yellow. The pore surface bruises blue promptly, but the mushroom's other surfaces usually do not--and the sliced flesh, most of the time, turns blue only faintly and erratically. Other crucial identification features include the proportionally shallow depth of the tube layer, and the fact that the stem is red nearly to the apex. At maturity Boletus bicolor is a medium-sized to large mushroom, which helps to distinguish it from the many similar species with much smaller stature (Boletus harrisonii, Boletus campestris, Xerocomellus rubellus, and others).

Yea!!! The fall woods are beautiful. 馃槑 馃尀

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Central OH - Franklin County

First Hen of the Woods today, Thursday, in Franklin County. 馃槑

Plant Organism Terrestrial plant Trunk Wood

That was the 2nd Hen of the Woods. The first one is this below.

Plant Botany Terrestrial plant Organism Groundcover

I left that to grow, obviously. However the one I took is probably destined for a Maitake & Sweet Potato Hash tomorrow or the next day.

Below are what I brought home: a few Oyster, some Turkey Tail to add to my next batch of medicinal mushroom extract, Maitake or Hen of the Woods and some Abortive Entaloma or Shrimp of the Woods.
Natural material Ingredient Wood Cuisine Fashion accessory

Treat yourself to some adventures in the Woods! 馃槑 馃尀

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That Black Trumpet Mushroom Pate I made in 2018 came back to my memory recently and wouldn't leave, ha! So I got out some dried Black Trumpets and made some more.

Food Ingredient Dishware Cuisine Tableware

Food Tableware Ingredient Fluid Cuisine

Then I ate some spread on various crackers. The smooth puree of the sauteed mushrooms and other ingredients is topped with a fine layer of clarified butter in the ramekin and sage leaves before refrigerating.

Food Liquid Ingredient Dishware Tableware

And polished it off this morning for breakfast on a hot biscuit accompanyment. Looks like apple butter - tastes 'shroom yummy!

Food Tableware Dishware Drinkware Coffee cup

Treat yourself to some time in the woods!! 馃尀

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Hocking County - SE OH

Friday I returned to Hocking County and harvested some Hedge Hogs. There were more than last Sunday but they hadn't grown much. So, I'm learning that these are a variety that don't grow very big.

Polyporales Wood Natural material Mushroom Natural landscape

On the cutting board.

Cuisine Ingredient Food Terrestrial plant Wood

This was going to be a species specific hunt just for Hedge Hog . . . but then I saw this pair of immaculate, tender, young Chicken of the Woods.

Polyporales Natural environment Natural landscape Organism Terrestrial plant

another look showing how clean these are.

Plant Wood Kitchen utensil Natural landscape Trunk

Enjoy some time in the woods. 馃槑 馃尀

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Maitake Sweet Potato Hash for breakfast today -- on a damp, cool, cloudy Fall morning.

The Hen of the Woods was smaller and therefore well suited to chopping up for the Hash.
Food Ingredient Natural foods Root vegetable Cuisine

I love getting/adding fresh herbs from the garden.
Food Ingredient Recipe Plant Natural foods

I got out my old cast iron skillet. It superbly handled everything. I'm finding that the no stick skillets don't work well for me when I want some heat, as in browning, singing.
Food Egg yolk Fried egg Egg white Ingredient

馃槑 馃尀

Food Tableware Ingredient White rice Rice

Treat yourself to some time in the woods!! 馃槑 馃尀

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Lobster Mushroom Encrusted Arctic Char

What to do with just a few Lobster Mushrooms?

The recipe that enchanted me was for Walleye, but I couldn't find any fresh Walleye locally (Central OH). So I went with a great looking Arctic Char filet.

The Lobster mushrooms first were sliced, dried and then converted to powder. I used a whirling blade version of a coffee bean grinder.

Food Ingredient Plant Cuisine Dish

Food Ingredient Mushroom Recipe Wood

In the dehydrator, below.

Food Ingredient Recipe Mesh Cuisine

After drying for several hours they were snappy crisp to convert to powder.

I dunked the Arctic Char in half & half and dredged them in the Lobster Mushroom powder, below.

Plant Food Ingredient Cuisine Staple food

The recipe called for shimmering oil to which a pat or two of butter is added just before laying in the Arctic Char filet.

Supposedly, the butter is quickly absorbed into the dried Lobster Mushroom pieces and powder and keeps it from burning as readily.

It worked as the crisp crust gave way to super moist and tender Arctic Char flesh -- over a bed of wild rice below!!

Food Tableware Ingredient Recipe Cuisine

Food Tableware Ingredient Recipe Dish

Fall mushroom time is upon us!! 馃槑 馃尀

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Wow!! I've been on a Fall wild mushroom kick and enjoying it.

To continue today, I got out a container of frozen Chanterelle Soup from this Summer and had it for lunch today with good ole Ritz crackers with a sliver of Dilled Havarti Cheese and Parsley garnish.

Food Tableware Dishware Ingredient Recipe

During the season, I find/get all the Chanterelles I want and so, don't harvest a lot -- typically just enough for a few dinners at any one time. However, on one occasion my neighbor and I harvested lots of Chanterelles and then and we both worked to make a huge pot of Chanterelle Soup. We both took enough fresh for several dinners and enough for several frozen containers each.

This pic above was one of those frozen Chant Soups thawed today. I'm here to say it was as good as when we first made it. The remaining one I'll hold till January!!

Have some adventures in the woods!! 馃槑 馃尀

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Yea! The Hedge Hog Mushrooms from 5 days ago were still good enough to cook with tonight.

As I had leftover baked potatoes also, I decided to do a Hedge Hog Twice Baked Potato.

Food Ingredient Plant Animal feed Staple food

Twice Baked Potato with Butter, Thyme, Shredded Cheese, Sour cream & sauteed Hedgehog Mushrooms over the top.

Food Dishware Blue Ingredient Tableware

Spend some time in the woods. 馃槑 馃尀

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Central OH - Franklin County

Today I found a clean, tender Hen of the Woods/Maitake and brought it home with me.

"a" means only one - a single one -- good thing it was in excellent shape since I couldn't be choosy, HA!

Organism Flower Terrestrial plant Groundcover Fungus

Several well developed Northern Tooth Fungus.

Plant Leaf Polyporales Wood Natural landscape

Mushroom Hericium Organism Terrestrial plant Ingredient

And then this, below: Any help on id? I should have but didn't bruise the gills to see if it was some type of lacterius. All 3 mushrooms joined into one large stalk that went back into the notch of the tree roots/base. The gills end abruptly at a distinctive edge of the stalk. The woods have been extremely dry the last 2-3 weeks. The mushroom felt like an Oyster, being moist and heavy.

Polyporales Mushroom Organism Terrestrial plant Plant

Ingredient Organism Natural landscape Trunk Terrestrial plant

Hey, Have some great Fall trips into the woods! 馃槑 馃尀

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cwlake - I don't recall an anise smell. I'll check out Elm Oyster. Somewhere in the las 1/2 year I came across a pic that looked like the wavy edges on those 3 white mushrooms above. --I just wish I could remember where. Well, then I could have been more diligent -- like bringing one home, doing a spore print etc. HA! didn't happen.

Have some good times in the woods, everyone! 馃槑 馃尀

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Baked Cobia with Hen of the Woods Mushrooms and Wild Rice

I have not been out into the woods for many weeks. Not-withstanding that, I wanted to offset the snow flurries this Sunday with some wild (ish) mushroom dish.

This is the pleasing result.

This pic below shows the basics. I confess that the Maiitake or Hen of the Woods below is not something I got in the woods. The mushrooms came from a local Asian Market that sells many wild crafted mushrooms. They ususally have Maiitake or Hen of the woods available.

The other main items obviously are the Cobia filets and Wild Rice.

Dishware Plant Ingredient Serveware Tablecloth

Below: baked Cobia, Wild Rice and Hen of the Woods sauteed in butter. Additionally I poured some toasted sesame seed salad dressing over mung bean sprouts in lieu of a salad.

Food Ingredient Seafood Cuisine Staple food

What are you doing to make do till the next season starts?
I'm contemplating how I'm next going to use some dehydrated Morel Mushrooms.
Blessings to all shroomers!! :cool: 馃尀
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