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Hocking County - Hedgehog from Sunday.

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While I found one nice sized Hedgehog, most were smaller, like these below.
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I found 5 groupings of 2-30 Hedgehogs each that were just starting and therefore small. I believe a great Hedgehop focused trip awaits in 4-5 days.

Enjoy some Fall woods time! 馃槑 馃尀
I love the taste of hedgehogs but can never get a good amount of them. Sounds like you scored on a bunch!

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We got some t'storms early Monday AM. Tomorrow will be grass cutting day because it needs it, and they're calling for more rain Wednesday and Thursday. Finally!
shroomsearcher - I'm going to keep an eye on what falls in SE OH - Hocking County hoping those Hedge Hog Mushroms I saw Sunday get enough rain to grow further.

On to enjoying/cooking Sunday finds:

Tonight, I decided to do something quick. Biscuits with Bay Bolete & Hedge Hog Mushroom Gravy.

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Sauteeing the 'shrooms . . . and . . . well . . . there's Wine for the Cook and Sherry for the cooking!

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While it was good (below), I'd hoped for something showing up the flavor of the Bay Boletes and Hedge Hogs better. The Half & Half and flour thickening muted the flavor to just satisfying & pleasant.

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If I get more good Bay Boletes and/or more Hedgehogs, I'm going to make Mushroom Soup--a version I made several years ago where I didn't do a cream base but a water base, just moderating the texture with some cream of tatar for slight thickening of the boullion water base. I remembered how well the 'Shroom flavor stood out.

Happy Hunting, All! 馃槑 馃尀
A little corn starch will thicken that as well. On another subject, do the bi-color boletes stain when you touch or wipe the pores? I'm not to the point of confidence on them. What color are the pores?

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Central OH - Franklin County

Today I found a clean, tender Hen of the Woods/Maitake and brought it home with me.

"a" means only one - a single one -- good thing it was in excellent shape since I couldn't be choosy, HA!

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Several well developed Northern Tooth Fungus.

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And then this, below: Any help on id? I should have but didn't bruise the gills to see if it was some type of lacterius. All 3 mushrooms joined into one large stalk that went back into the notch of the tree roots/base. The gills end abruptly at a distinctive edge of the stalk. The woods have been extremely dry the last 2-3 weeks. The mushroom felt like an Oyster, being moist and heavy.

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Hey, Have some great Fall trips into the woods! 馃槑 馃尀
That is a beautiful hen!! I've never seen one that light colored. the bottom pics could be elm oysters. The gills do end abruptly like this. The color looks right but I'm not sure about the wavy margin. Did they have a slight anise smell?
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