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Ohio Hen Report

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Saw my first small maitake today.. They will be coming soon lets post pics and updates in this thread.
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What area of the state?Still seems a bit early here in SW part,But then again its been a really weird year!
Last year I saw what I thought were the remnants of a hen of the woods on a big oak. I thought this year I'm not going to miss it. This week I went to that tree and low and behold all around the base of that same tree were huge Berkeley's polypores. Not hens at all, but a very similar mushroom. This leads me to believe that people last year that said they were finding hen of the woods, this time of the year, were actually finding the Berkeley polypore. I think and am fairly sure it's a little too early for Hens. The base of the Berkeley polypore and underneath looks just like a hen of the woods. I always find hens later in cooler weather just like fall oysters.
Found my first ones last year Aug. 24 go to " taking bets" forum I think Ant started last year I have pics posted. I have not been out yet but we have had some cool weather and nights here in NE Ohio and It should get some started. We need rain here bad though! I'm going to look next week at a few spots I'll keep y'all posted!
I am in NE Ohio.. The one I found was on a beech tree very small and covered in slugs. I have about 30 trees to check in the coming weeks. I usually find about 1/4 of my hens on Beech trees the rest on Oak. My first find last year was Sept 1st and the hen was already 5-6 pounds so it must have popped the last week of August. I checked last week but nada. Does anyone know how fast they grow?
Never went out yet just too stinking HOT! I bet any that did start dried up, here in NE OH if we do not get rain and cooler temps it will make for a short Hen year. Anyone been out checking?
Nothing here in carroll county as of yet.. pretty dry. Hoping the hens will pop soon
Geting some rain now.Cool Temps should get something popin.
Good rain! a day or 2 and they should appear..
Went out yesterday and seen 1 little dried up one. Too dry it has been cool enough. It is shaping up to be a bad hen season here in northeast like the morel season because no rain! Maybe we can get a few in Oct. let's hope!
Found today in west central Ohio, near the Indi. border. All were at least a week past good. <a href="//[/IMG][/URL]" rel="nofollow">//[/URL][/img]</a> <a href="//[/IMG][/URL]" rel="nofollow">//[/URL][/img]</a> <a href="//[/IMG][/URL]" rel="nofollow">//[/URL][/img]</a>
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Sorry everyone, only the first nine pics were taken today. Dried up Hens. I need to figure out how to post only certain pics.
Earthwalker, use the HTML Code . Copy then paste it to your comment.
FYI, found my first G. Frondosa today. nice sized 5lbs. (for me). central ohio around Plain City ohio. so they’re coming up now. this one was probably several days old, but still good. (too lazy to pull photo from phone and post it).
just a friendly FYI…
Well we didnt get much rain but we did get enough to get everything good and wet.Maybe thatle set something to popen.
FYI checked my two usual spots today and found two fresh Hens. they're up here in central ohio area.
Checked my early dead oak today and found 4lbs of beautiful fresh hens..... They were not there last week. Check 5 other marked trees and nothing. Gonna go back out in ten days. This early tree is about three weeks behind last year. NE ohio.
Was out yesterday and today checking my hen trees and some are just staring to break through and are dime to 50 cent size theses trees are 2-3 weeks behind last year! I seen a hunter from portage co. Posted he found some yesterday that he posted on Facebook.
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