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Ohio Hen Report

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Saw my first small maitake today.. They will be coming soon lets post pics and updates in this thread.
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Hens (Maitake) from Tuesday, yesterday, in Central OH

A baby, below which I covered with branches to let grow and keep from drying out as much.

Mature Maitake. I took enough for a dinner or two from the left one. You can see the spore dusting the leaves around the mushroom. These were 35 feet from a tree which produced 6 Hens/Maitake at one time last year.


Well, after using problem free for several years for posting pics here, I see today that has changed, hence the links above and not the images.

Homework time again.

While I have a photobucket account, I don't use it because I've not found how to post just a single pic and not have it be an link or open entry to all pictures I have there.
Did my homework. Lets see if images linked above from yesterday post.

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1 - 3 of 39 Posts
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