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Ohio Hen Report

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Saw my first small maitake today.. They will be coming soon lets post pics and updates in this thread.
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Found my first ones last year Aug. 24 go to " taking bets" forum I think Ant started last year I have pics posted. I have not been out yet but we have had some cool weather and nights here in NE Ohio and It should get some started. We need rain here bad though! I'm going to look next week at a few spots I'll keep y'all posted!
Never went out yet just too stinking HOT! I bet any that did start dried up, here in NE OH if we do not get rain and cooler temps it will make for a short Hen year. Anyone been out checking?
Went out yesterday and seen 1 little dried up one. Too dry it has been cool enough. It is shaping up to be a bad hen season here in northeast like the morel season because no rain! Maybe we can get a few in Oct. let's hope!
Was out yesterday and today checking my hen trees and some are just staring to break through and are dime to 50 cent size theses trees are 2-3 weeks behind last year! I seen a hunter from portage co. Posted he found some yesterday that he posted on Facebook.
Went yesterday found 10 edible blondes some were already to far gone all mostly around dead stumps. I did see some hens that were young about size of my hand starting to come. It seems those blondes are the first to pop, anyone else's find this to be accurate? We seem to be really behind this year, I'm checking a new spot today I will post picks if I find any today!
Went out Sunday Oct. 11 and checked a few trees that fruited last year out of 3 trees only one was fruiting, I checked one dead stump and one was fruiting both hens were the size of a baseball. Does anyone believe once you find them on certain trees they will fruit year after year? Next 2 weeks should get good for us here in the N. East Part of the state.
One of the Hens I found Sunday. 005587 you can get a free Photobucket account, you are near me I'm in Trumbull Co. Keep looking we are behind this year they are just starting, check old oak stumps along with the mature oaks, next 2 weeks should be good especially with the cooler wet weather coming.
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Nice find guys. I'm going out tomorrow to check a few trees and Sunday I'm suppose to meet my buddy to go to a spot he has were we took close to 200 lbs last year. My baby hens I will check next week. Rained here today and cool temps with more rain coming should get good!
These monsters were found around 1 dead tree stump. Here in the NE OH we are finding them around tree stumps.
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