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Omaha Area About To Burst...

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Went out in the heat today and got these bad boys pretty quickly… [/url]

After this rain tonight I think we are about to be in the thick of it. Good Hunting...
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I went to my regular spot that yields several pounds for the last 24 years. I could only find 13 small morels. I am hoping this rain and humidity will make them POP. FYI it was in the hills.
Its to bad that the HILLS have already had their chance for I-80 corridor.
Been picking in Lincoln since 4/27/14 and I do not record pounds, only growth stats and numbers and spurts. No one else does this!!! Go North with the moisture from yesterday and you might find extended growth of already mature flowers.
So the picture I put up above was from Thursday.. about 4-5 pounds. The following day we went out after the rain and pulled in around 15Lbs, The morels filled an entire 5 gallon bucket. The very next day(Saturday) I went camping at Branched Oak near Lincoln and in less than an hour I pulled in ANOTHER 6 pounds. I was out there for a bachelor party so I only really had a small window of time to go hunting but they were everywhere. I was literally just walking past them when I was heading back as I was running late. I wanted to go back out over there but did not get an opportunity and am now back in Omaha. I feel like there are still PLENTY more morels yet to be harvested this year. I believe this due to the fact I continue to find them by the bucket loads. At Branched Oak I was hunting in the hills, so I am not sure what was meant by saying that hill-hunting is over for the I-80 corridor. Just get off the beaten path and you will find them. I was finding monsters in weeds that were in excess of 24" tall(24" weeds, not morels).. but where some gloves, those plants have those fun prickly hairs on them. :)

Good Luck People
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