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Oneida County

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First find of the season! Four yellows, all under an almost dead Apple, hillside, southern exposure. Checked a couple of other favorite proven spots to no avail. Also had one tick crawling upon my worldly being. Does seem a little dry. Good Luck and enjoy the hunt.
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geo,have same problem but who wants to look at a tick?haha found 7 more yesterday in same spot.small but drying out so picked anyway.hoping rain end of next week will bring out the yellows here.went from great conditions to almost dust in a few warm days.congrats on your picks!!hope you savor them like i did my few bites!GOOD LUCK
geo,awful buggy and weedy is right! do you ever have a lot of luck after several 80+ degree days?finally got some rain last night and hopefully more today and big cool down for you think it's worth ignoring the honey-do list?
geo,you can say that again!just looking for the slightest hint of justification.thanks for the boost ! happy hunting!
fogwhisper,keep your chin up! oh, and eyes down.GOOD LUCK!!!
i'm in!morels are great,but part of spring fever and a long season ahead.i'm in msskimmie's boat,huge veggie gardens,my work is seasonal,.......i digress.hoping to hear from all of you! p.s.-the first sack of chants is always one of my favorites.
Geo,fantastic!Been waiting for the first report. Nice morale boost!Congrats and happy hunting!!!
Fog,was wondering where you were. Loved your zest all last shroom season! Good luck! Finger lks, I have success in seneca county.
GEO's right. Persistence and you have to enjoy being out there regardless of finds.
Geo,the ones I picked yesterday looked good but I'm a little worried about the heat.Plenty of moisture in the ground and another round of thunderstorms last night. Hoping for a rush in the next week.Fingers crossed! Happy hunting!
Nice Geo! They look healthy but for some reason, some of your pics make me thirsty! I posted a couple pics last year and can't remember how I did it. Not really a computer guy.Still type with one finger.Happy hunting!
Geo,nice! And at 600'.Got a spot near jobsite at 600. Tell me, are those a second flush?
Nice finds guys!Haven't been out lately.Work and planting.Good to see them still out there! Thinking this heat will end it but i'll start looking for chants last week of the month.Happy hunting!!
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