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First find of the season! Four yellows, all under an almost dead Apple, hillside, southern exposure. Checked a couple of other favorite proven spots to no avail. Also had one tick crawling upon my worldly being. Does seem a little dry. Good Luck and enjoy the hunt.
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Edit: I have a picture but not smart enough to figure out how to post.
Found 6 yellows today. 5 under a half dead apple and 1 under an Ash. All too small to harvest. The ones I found yesterday were also small. Tough hunting this early, the small ones are nearly invisible, I cringe to think of the ones that were crushed underfoot. Next weekend is going to be better, unfortunately I will be out of town. Both my finds have been on the outskirts of Utica. Good luck and enjoy the hunt. Geo
Stopped on the way home, southern exposure, under Poplars, five tiny yellows, looks like they are drying out. Pray for rain and enjoy the hunt.
Was out of commission for the past eight days but went out this morning. Found 148 yellows, many of them prime specimens. Both under ash and apple. Found 44 under an apple tree that teased me last year with a too far gone find. Walked quite a bit but spotting them was relatively easy due to their size and coloring. Some I didn't harvest due to them being too far gone. It was a good day! Got to go and cook up a steak to go with my morels. Good luck and enjoy the hunt. Geo
Why thank you misskimmie. Do you have a sister that works at a lumber yard? Regardless, glad to hear of your success and hope it only gets better. Enjoy the hunt. Geo
Misskimmie, I heard nothing but good things about said restaurant and hope your dinner report will concur. Was considering on approaching them with my excess morels but my family and friends scarfed them up, which I prefer. Happy Birthday.
Enjoy the hunt! Geo
Mark, I believe it is a progression thing. Different fungi are supported at different stages of decay.
Searched new territory this AM and got skunked. To assuage my fragile ego I stopped at an old reliable spot and found 5 yellows, all under Poplar. Enjoy the hunt.
Found 16 yellows this evening, should of been harvested a week ago. [email protected] 500' All under several dead Elm. Getting awful buggy and weedy out there. This heat has me a worrying. Enjoy the hunt!
I am a firm believer in the second flush, I am witness of said event. I am going to start looking at cooler microclimes.
Morel season ends too soon, the list is perpetual.
Me brother found about 100 small yellows this morning at a spot that held none this past Saturday.
Raw but rewarding day. Slogged through the rain all morning. Didn't find any till late morning. One here, two there. Found only 16 nice ones before noon, all under Ash. Hit another PG (proven ground) and found 46 pristine yellows in 15 minutes, all under apple. Again would post a picture of a pretty site but I am better in the woods than I am at the keyboard. Enjoy the hunt. Geo
Great day! Went down to Otsego County looking for cooler climes. Walked all morning and found but 3 yellows. Drove to another spot and hit it big. There was yellows everywhere, it was a sight to behold. All under Ash. I was suppose to be somewhere by noon but I couldn't leave. By 2:00 I captured 121 nice yellows, and there are more there. I caught these in their prime. Today I really enjoyed the hunt. Good luck to you all!
Went to another spot today and found another 87 prime yellows. I was very fortunate this weekend. Enjoy the hunt!
I can only guess but I left searching the lower altitude of the Mohawk Valley to the higher altitudes South of Utica where the seasons seem to mature later. I would go North but always had more luck South. I seem to have better luck this late on Northern exposures and/ or sheltered cool valleys. The morels are prime right now, wish I could take the week off from work. Plus they are standing proud, sometimes casting shawdows, or at least showing profiles, to weaken their camouflaging tactics. I found some good troops under half dead Apples but been having the most fun in open hardwoods with lots of Ash. I always find it amazing how I can hike for so long and find nothing and then stumble upon a field of dreams. Albeit it has been easier to be persistent this year due to the absence of heat and bugs. Good luck to you, look for the tree not the morel, enjoy the hunt!
This past weekend I had the best luck between 1500' and 2000'. Hope that helps.
Mark, Good to hear you scored. I need to find a place up North, all I need is time and ambition. I am afraid this heat will close out the season, hope I am wrong. Thx for the report. Enjoy the hunt, Geo
Hear that! Sounds like the fat lady is singing! I'd be happy if someone would prove me wrong.
Are you good folks going to continue to report other species finds throughout the season?
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