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Oneida County

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First find of the season! Four yellows, all under an almost dead Apple, hillside, southern exposure. Checked a couple of other favorite proven spots to no avail. Also had one tick crawling upon my worldly being. Does seem a little dry. Good Luck and enjoy the hunt.
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Hey Geo, another season is upon us, i'm going to check a spot that is usually early and been a good predictor for me but is on its last legs so I won't know if its a little early yet or just run out of steam. Oh well I will post results.

Pennsylvania board reporting lots of ticks this year rear.
OOPS! This year. How would they know if i have ticks on my rear.
Mix of grey and yellows. Picked about 50 left 25 to grow, all under dead elm.
Found about 200 over the weekend, all uinder dead elm.
Found about 40 giant greys under a huge dead elm yesterday, the find really got my juices flowing, I scoured the woods hard for another 3hrs, finally on my way out found another 15 blondes under a dead apple tree. Has anyone else noticed the year an elm stops pushing up morels they are invaded by inky caps?
Went north of Utica on Monday looking for ash, spent about five hours in the woods and ended up with about 60 nice yellows, rather widely dispersed among ash.
1 - 6 of 132 Posts
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