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Oneida County

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First find of the season! Four yellows, all under an almost dead Apple, hillside, southern exposure. Checked a couple of other favorite proven spots to no avail. Also had one tick crawling upon my worldly being. Does seem a little dry. Good Luck and enjoy the hunt.
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found two, in a spot I found last year.Near Utica. left them to grow a bit with todays rain, Under a dead elm can't wait till the rain makes them pop. :)
Found a new spot today it is morel heaven ,only thing missing are the morels. well I did find 10 nice grays near an old apple stump and one verpa next to a dead elm .....maybe it's still early for yellows here ? Misskimmie it sounds like you may have gotten there a little early check again in a week.
The grey ones are a little harder to see I searched about 15 acres of land and found one tree with motels :roll:
Congrats on your find geogym I love the blond ones they stand right out
MARK I was going to ask if I should bother looking when I see inky caps good to know any info is helpful
I'm still looking for the first one in some of my spots :cry:
now I'm encouraged again, I'm going to try one last time, before the frost tonight. my dog will be thrilled anyway
one shriveled up morel under an apple near an elm that produced last year :cry:
I put in about three miles fighting rose bushes only to find four old morels geogym do you think I should go to a higher altitude?
It does help thanks geogym Mitch where are you getting the eyes and on what
oops keyboard problems all I'm finding are old rotten ones
I will be,we all should go on a hunt together sometime. :)
Ahh would that be the Taylor and the cook by any chance. ha ha. I thought about checking into that, but I need to have extra produce first :wink:
thanks for the post jim
ill have to get out there and give it a try.It seems cold and early to me here, but maybee a little lower in the valley. :)
Wow nice find geo .went out and found a few grays but they are tiny. then found two nice yellows just down the road.I need to get to a proven spot.I know.
Nice harvest geo and brother.I checked a spot that I usually find quite a few at ....nothing.
Well sorry to say but its kind of good to know even you get skunked Geo :) I harvested the few grays by an old apple tree I found earlier, they're nice but I wish I could find more. found a bunch of what I think are verpas there were more but I dont know if there good so I just picked a few
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1 - 20 of 132 Posts
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