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First find of the season! Four yellows, all under an almost dead Apple, hillside, southern exposure. Checked a couple of other favorite proven spots to no avail. Also had one tick crawling upon my worldly being. Does seem a little dry. Good Luck and enjoy the hunt.
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Went to another spot today and found another 87 prime yellows. I was very fortunate this weekend. Enjoy the hunt!
I put in about three miles fighting rose bushes only to find four old morels geogym do you think I should go to a higher altitude?
I can only guess but I left searching the lower altitude of the Mohawk Valley to the higher altitudes South of Utica where the seasons seem to mature later. I would go North but always had more luck South. I seem to have better luck this late on Northern exposures and/ or sheltered cool valleys. The morels are prime right now, wish I could take the week off from work. Plus they are standing proud, sometimes casting shawdows, or at least showing profiles, to weaken their camouflaging tactics. I found some good troops under half dead Apples but been having the most fun in open hardwoods with lots of Ash. I always find it amazing how I can hike for so long and find nothing and then stumble upon a field of dreams. Albeit it has been easier to be persistent this year due to the absence of heat and bugs. Good luck to you, look for the tree not the morel, enjoy the hunt!
Haven't out the past week. Went to ADKs on some business, poured the whole time. Hunted my way up looking around elms but no luck. How high of elevation do you hunt? I walked a lot of open ash woods during turkey season, mostly for naught. I find myself torn between walleye fishing, which is awesome right now, and looking for some late mushrooms :-?
This past weekend I had the best luck between 1500' and 2000'. Hope that helps.
It does help thanks geogym Mitch where are you getting the eyes and on what
Definitely helps, thanks Geogym. Mainly in the Susquehanna using jigs.
Went north of Utica on Monday looking for ash, spent about five hours in the woods and ended up with about 60 nice yellows, rather widely dispersed among ash.
oops keyboard problems all I'm finding are old rotten ones
Mark, Good to hear you scored. I need to find a place up North, all I need is time and ambition. I am afraid this heat will close out the season, hope I am wrong. Thx for the report. Enjoy the hunt, Geo
Hear that! Sounds like the fat lady is singing! I'd be happy if someone would prove me wrong.
Are you good folks going to continue to report other species finds throughout the season?
I will be,we all should go on a hunt together sometime. :)
I will report my mycological finds. Although I dream big in Feb and early April (morels), alas my large veggie garden, my other duties and my childrens sports keep me from too many forays in the spring. I only found 21 morels this year. But I plan on going out for all the other good stuff.
i'm in!morels are great,but part of spring fever and a long season ahead.i'm in msskimmie's boat,huge veggie gardens,my work is seasonal,.......i digress.hoping to hear from all of you! p.s.-the first sack of chants is always one of my favorites.
I had a pretty good year and had an excess of morels which I was fortunate to market to some finer food establishments. These new contacts have interest of other local forage products including Chants. If anyone was lucky enough to harvest a bumper crop I might be able to procure gas money for your future forays. Just a thought, don't really want to make a job of this passion. Enjoy the hunt, Geo.
Ahh would that be the Taylor and the cook by any chance. ha ha. I thought about checking into that, but I need to have extra produce first :wink:
I will be out looking for all sorts of goodies. Ill take just about any excuse to spend some time in the woods. My young kids love looking for mushrooms later in the season when so many varieties are out.
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