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Geo and Jcumo, I asked last year about oysters.I usually avoid most gilled shrooms out of habit and caution.Can't remember exactly what you two told me but like to identify multiple times before even considering eating.Found these on dead poplars.Soggy and a little buggy.Gonna try to put up pictures.If we lose contact it's because I threw the %#*@! computer out the window.If pics don't work, I'd appreciate any info including possible dangerous imposters.Thanx and here goes.
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I see nothing! One would be fortunate to find bug free Oysters. If they are soggy then I wouldn't bother. Fresh new growth specimens are the best. It seems like great weather for Oysters. I kept a keen eye out for them today to no avail. I don't think there are any poisonous look alikes. None that will kill you anyways. Keep trying to identifying mushrooms and soon I'll be asking your advice.
thanx GEO!Too wet to work outside yesterday,so did a bit of research.Don't remember the name but not what I was hoping for.Always,always cautious!Sorry 'bout pic,photobucket wouldn't let me upload for some reason.
Big white clusters with gills that go all the way down the almost non existent stem. One thing that I love about oysters is the amazing smell. They smell very sweet and the spring variety strongly favor poplars.

If you do a little research I think you will feel pretty comfortable id-ing them. They are considered by most to be a safe mushroom for beginners. If you want another opinion you can email me them if you cant figure out how to get them on this site. jcumoletti is my gmail account.

Last year they came up early and I found 100s of lbs of them without bugs. This year they came up later and I found them nice and fresh but they were completely infested with all sorts of bugs. That was about 2 weeks ago. They continue to pop up pretty much the rest of the year although they are less common until fall.

All that considered they are fun to find but in all honesty are a pretty mediocre mushroom.
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