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Discussion in 'Nebraska' started by slicker_picker, Apr 14, 2015.

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    Someone has to be the bigger man... ( no pun intended ) ;) so ill step up and apologize. I am sorry for the way im acting. I dont act like that in person so Ill try to refrain from acting like that on here in the furture. I have family and friends all over that region and the odds of us crossing paths are remarkably good, as anyone from small town nebraska knows, its a small damn world out there. Id rather that meet not be marred by the poison of a random crap talk on a forum. So once again I apologize. Im under no coercion or direction of another. I was simply thinking about how rediculous it is to argue over something so trivial, while i was working away the day.

    Regardless if you found 5 morels or 59 lbs... I really dont care. I just love seeing proof of a claim so large... As i know im more than willing to substantiate such a claim and lay victory to the kingdom of the forums of Morel.

    I hope you find enough morels to eat until you puke... And i mean that in a good way.