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Phillip Bags

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Hey Bags, how has your year gone? Have not seen any posts.
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Great to hear from you man and glad you are looking out for me =)

This season has not been ideal, and not nearly as good as last year or compared to what we are used to finding. I blame it on too many hours spent at work, the weather not cooperating, and losing a good chunk of private ground that we have found a good number of morels on in the past. I have not posted anything this year and have not been as active on viewing this site as in the past simply due to lack of time. We found 25 lbs this past weekend and over 20 the weekend before, taking the season total to around 50 pounds, which isn't quite the 200+ we picked last year. Other than those 2 weekends, I haven't been out checking the flaking elms as much as I'd like and the woman prevented me from spending too many hours in the woods over Memorial Day weekend. I feel like the season is winding down and I didn't get to check a lot of the spots I wish I would have. Found a decent number of morels on live cottonwoods early, and the typical dead elm as the season went on. Managed to kill 9 nice long-beard turkeys within the family this spring, so maybe that balances out for a sub-par mushroom season. Our spring started slow and cold, and when we finally got the rainfall, the temps dropped again with it. By the time the temps got back up to favorable, it was too dry already which may have caused the somewhat "below average" popping year. Its dry and dusty now and the morels don't love that climate as we all know. The season seemed to be moving north like it should and then stalled out before it reached my stomping grounds. A lot of people that pick within 100 miles south of me seemed to still do pretty well. Two weekends ago we picked fresh 3-5" greys and tans and this past weekend we started picking some giants. We left a bunch of small dark greys the first weekend and went back there this last Sunday night and picked over 100 big fresh golden yellows, for those out there who do not believe mushrooms grow or can change colors. These started as tiny greys and developed into textbook giant yellows. Most shrooms this past weekend were still in very good shape although we began finding those that should have been picked 2 weeks ago. I know there are still many pounds to be picked in the woods but when its over 80 degrees and you're walking up and down big hills getting torn up by raspberry bushes its not quite as enjoyable. Many dead elms this spring just didn't produce like they should and many had a small number of morels by them. Not as much reward for your effort this spring it seemed for me. Did find one tree with 190 on it but no huge motherloads. A buddy picked 45 pounds last week in 3 hours in north central Iowa. How did things pan out for you kb?
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Bags nice to know things are good. I agree on the walking around hills in 80 + heat. Takes all the fun out of it. Had several friends said NE . Iowa sucked this year. I figured you were a good judge of that. I should be in Minn. now but its been a long season and its going to be mid 80's up there. Long,long, drive, big hills, most likely done for the year. Bags my season was OK, nothing like last year's haul. I picked in southern Kan. about April 19th and ended up by Sioux City about a month later. Had a lot of fun, picked a lot of morels, in a lot of different places. Picked nothing in almost as many. Did the best in parts of Mo. and Iowa. Never had a day over # 20 and ended up with # 60. Like you said there were many places where the elms just were not hitting, some areas like the season skipped. congrats on the turkeys, must have some good land up there. Maybe next season will be better and I'll travel your direction.
kb- what do you think was the reasoning behind the sub-par year this spring?
bags, best we could figure was not enough heat at the same time as the moisture. Never really found a spot where all the trees were loaded like last year. I could have worked a little harder at it to. Morels like the wet but without a few really warm days and nights to get them flushing things tend to end up spotty. I know folks sure did a ton better in SE. Iowa than up your way. Keep an eye out on the boards next spring when April rolls around, I'm hoping to get a lot farther south next year.
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