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Pics or it didn't happen!!!

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Unfounded BS claims of finding morels are what ruin these forums. Post your find with an updated receipt an prove you found them. I have been to all of my honey holes and crawled on my hands and knees, stopping short of building a Rick Moranis 'honey I shrunk the kids' back yard zero gravity, balancer with optional centrifugal clutch body support... And nothing. They aren't up yet. And if they are they damn sure aren't up in Numbers measurable by pounds. Please post a pic or I'm calling BS and everyone else should too.
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What the idiots that don't have jobs and post NOFINDS are hurting is soft wet ground when other believe them and trample all over kingdom come looking for nothing. MAY THEY REST IN PEACE
They are up in Southwest Iowa. I won't be posting pictures because it's not necessary. You can believe me or not, I really don't care. If you go to your honey holes and don't find even one mushroom this weekend, then either you don't know what a morel looks like, you need galsses, or your honey hole may not be so sweet after all. Good luck.
I found 8lbs today in NE Nebraska. Last year was a record year for me. The funny thing is that I never found a single shroom at my honey I don't post pics on here, but you're welcome to check out my facebook page.
When Deadbug and Shroomwinkle say they are finding them, then it's official. They are out there.
Hat trick kid: don't be a dick. . .

With that being said I'm not here to argue with people.

So... I used to live in SW IOWA. Odds are I know you or someone that knows you.
Where you at? Most of my spots over on that side of the Missouri are south of CB, down past Waubonsie state park. I've hunted every back road and fished damn near every spot pond throughout. (Killer bass spots near Tabor-Thurman-Bartlett) r they only in the bottoms or are any south hills poppin yet?

I appreciate the recognition PackMan Mike, but Not sure if this year is going to be my year. Thought today was the day, but maybe pulled two pounds. Moisture/temps/wind not quite sure ask the old timer, deadbug. Today was not my day!!!!
Hang in there Wink! The 110 I found today were maybe a pound & a half! I saw people pulling them out of the grass across from the parking lot. Small ones but they're there. I hope the burn area produces after the rain this week!

Here's a few from today
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