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Ok so i seen a forum member here who posted pics of his find and he had a blue plastic sack im sorry but thats a big no no where i come from you never use plastic sacks to put morels in cause the spores cant fall out any true mushroom hunter knows this if i see you in the woods with plastic its on i will raise hell lol might even punch you in the gut and take your mushrooms lol j/k but id like to
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It's not just the spores. On a hot day in a plastic bag your mushrooms will turn to mushgoos. Saw it happen to a friend. Now he uses mesh bags like a good little shroomer lol.
I have heard that before and can't believe that is true. Spores falling thru a mesh bag producing mushrooms in the woods? They can't grow mushrooms artificially. Why don't they just collect spores and scatter them on some soil? Not trying to be a pain but I have heard this from " true " shroom hunters and disagree until I hear some factual reason.
@downhillmike78 in fact you can buy spore kits online and i have herd they do work but with very minimal results
hey downhillmike78 do a little research you will find its true
here downhillmike watch this
lol wonder who that was. Mesh bags are very true ask my girlfriend first time we found some had my mesh bag went to edge of woods and shook mesh bag with morels in it in a cicle just walking around and shaking it and came back about a week later and 30 morels were right in that area. My girlfriend didn't believe till she saw it either. Honest(no @#$%) try it out for yourself.
I always use mesh bags, plastic will get hot and cook the shrooms. It may not happen in the field, but you will curse the first time you leave them in a plastic bag in the car, mush. I use mesh because not all spores fall off the shroom at once, so the mesh does in fact work as a 'seeder/inoculator'. They are microscopic, and once in the soil take several years of mycelium growth to form the sclerotium mass. When mature, the mass is activated in the spring by heat and moisture. So any extra spores that fall from my mesh bag can't hurt. Also, I have a large mesh bag (old football equipment bag) and smaller bag I always use. The big bag I will keep in my back pocket in case I get into weight. The small bag has finer micron hole openings so it doesn't damage the shrooms as I walk the woods, I use this one always.
why you should use a mesh bag:

Gonners1979 your advice would be better if you tried to educate instead of criticize. Not everyone has the same information, or for many it could be their first time in the woods.

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How about a little compassion instead of threatening violence? Also, the idea of spreading spores is really POSSIBLE, but not really practical. The mesh bag is better because it breathes and doesn't ruin your mushrooms. If you think you are "planting" morels as you walk along, you are misguided. Doesn't hurt...but doesn't really do the trick either.
The morels are already spreading their spores from the time they pop up from the ground till the time they dry up and die or get picked by someone fortunate enough to find them. When I'm going on a long hike I like to use mesh bags for the same reason shroomdonger and PBWV stated. If you don't have a mesh bag line your plastic bag with a brown paper sack. The paper sack helps absorb the moisture and your morels won't mush up as fast if they do at all. You will also have a ton of morel crumbs saved at bottom of paper sack you can go spread around your favorite tree if it makes you feel better. Also keep a cooler in your car for the ride home.
Chad, I do the same with my leftover bottom bits. Started doing that several years ago after someone on this forum suggested it. It took a few years, but now that spot produces. We can find one growing in the same foot by foot space every spring. So far only the original spot is fruiting, but I am casting leftovers on a few more spots each year.

Gonners, I know what you are saying, its such a small chance that a spore will fall out and come to fruition, but its still worth it if just one of those creates a new honey hole. I want to continue finding them with my family for many years to come, so I'll take my chances.
Shroomdonger I learned that trick on this forum to. Btw thanks for posting dbowhunters morel hunt 101 lesson again in response to ladykiller. Reading that again was a nice refresher.
LOL you guys all crack me up... Im sure hes not kicking anyones ass just trying to be funny... anywho i like my basket :)

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That's a gorgeous basket, MissKay. My mom has one that we use with a long strap, though we've also used old onion, lime or lemon bags since we haven't invested in any "proper" mesh ones.
I have several books written by Larry Lonik He is a Morel mushroom expert,one of his books, MORELS true or false is a very good book Any true morel hunter should buy and read the book it has a lot of good info in it. Books can be ordered online from Bookworld or MOREL MANIA If you want the right info you can also go to By the way if u hunt with plastic bags at JIM EDGAR STATE PARK wardens there will give you a $75 ticket Good hunting to all.
RTD, Where can that Regulation about Jim Edgar state park be found. I have hunted there for years and never saw anything about that.
That's from last year....I'm in cook county/dupage going to check some spots today ¶-: although maybe too soon here
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