please tell me I can find morels in Livingston parish!!!

Discussion in 'Louisiana' started by VictoriahasAsecret, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. VictoriahasAsecret

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    I want to start shrooming. For profit and for food. I want to find morel mushrooms because I have a friend in Nebraska who hunts mushrooms and she asked me if we hunted morels down here. So now I'm very curious.
  2. cajunshroomer3578

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    Good luck!!! I think you may be a little late. They start finding them in Arkansas usually at the beginning of march so I would guess that would be a good time to start looking in Louisiana. I've done some hunting in South Louisiana for morels this year and found 0. I'm thinking they do exist in Louisiana but much further north. The soil in the south just isn't sustainable for morels.