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Popping Predictions

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Let's get this party started! This spring has been progressing slowly but surely and it appears to be shaping up to be a pretty good morel season! Put your general location down and a prediction as to when you think the morels will start to pop. I'm in the north metro and I think that small grays will be popping by next Wednesday 5/15. What about you?
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Walked around a bit late last week. It doesn't seem very shroomy yet, I think the 15th may be a day or two early but I will be out looking anyway. I'm in extreme south central MN
I'll be back for a visit on Tues 5/14 and have only Wed. 5/15 to get into the woods, so here's hoping you're correct about 5/15! I'm gonna hit one of my old early spots and predict I'll pick a few.
I agree that it will be a bit early which is why I think that there could be some small grays but that's about it. I would say that 5/20 would be a good date to start pickin. That upper 80 degree weather on Tuesday will accelerate things a bit along with some rain. Good luck Candy Cap! Hope you can fill your bags!
I'm in south east Mn, and I'll say it'll be around the 18th
I walked a lot through the woods taking soil temps for awhile now. I think this year is going to be hard to predict if its a good or great year. I think the morels will start popping around the 20th in the Metro area. We need more rain also.
They are here. Maybe not there yet, but they are sure here :)
I will not say where in the state, but start with the areas that look like they have more ground cover. That means the ground is warmer and sunlight has been hitting that area hardest. Think Southerly exposure and remember that water flows down. Areas that seem parched may be too high on the hills, and the lower portion of the hill may catch some more of the ground water as it trickles through. High clearings that lost the snow first are a good side bet from the very southerly facing hillsides. Have fun everyone! PS. my avatar guy does not represent me at all. I'm not a grouchy diamond. Can those be changed?
We know there are morels out, but they are micro-sized and not worth everyone shooting into the woods to go get. Give it a week. Bigger than micro? Post pictures. Iowa just barely got going. There are also plenty of posters that like to submit misinformation to help themselves.
TICKCOLLECTOR on the home page under FAQ . How to post pictures & video.
Thanks Jack! Now I have to figure out how to get the pics from my phone to my computer. The picture I have was taken at 3:35 on Sunday. I know that nobody is going to believe me because I don't have a newspaper or anything in the pic, but you can tell they are fresh and not micro. I don't need to fluff anything, I have nothing to prove.
TickCollector, why would you declare "they are sure here," without giving a rough location, even county?

The purpose of this site is to help the mushroom hunting community track their progress. Lots of us travel extensively throughout the season. It is no fun for the average person to read bragging posts with no generally location.

By the way, there are still small greys popping in central Iowa. It is going to be a while up there. Be patient and don't step on them.
What county are you in TickCollector? I'd sure like to see your pic! :wink:
Tick, you should be able to connect your phone via your charging cable to your computer as a hard drive. You could also try mailing yourself the picture (this is what I usually do).
<a href="">MayMorel

Fillmore County. Let me know if this works?? I thought the tone of me original message was more excitement and fun poking. Just to get peole even more crazy about the season. I apologize for the ruffled feathers. I travel extensively during this time too, and I wouldn't base my gas money on a post from the internet. You have to get into an area and assess yourself, then decide to head north or south, or up the hill or down. Anyone who travels specifically for mushrooms should know where to look and when, especially if they are following the season. For the newcomers to hunting, good luck, full swing in a matter of a week. Early poppers are started in just the right spots. I've checked lots of my "normal" early spots and nothing major. Just the lucky 6 mushrooms that I picked that were over 2". I don't pick anything under 2" and spead around anything gone past prime (or just let them stay to rot naturally). Pick on.
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So since I was prodded into giving a county. I'll see you all in Fillmore county this weekend.
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