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Price County

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Anyone know about Price Co. I'll be there Memorial Day weekend. Was wondering if I should even bother. Was told to look by the poplars by a co-worker.
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I can tell you that we have searched Price County far and wide from edge to edge. 4 years ago, we found some beautiful blondes. Only a Handful of them, but very large. Since then, nothing but dry morelless spells for us. Over Memorial day weekend, we were camping about 45 minutes from Phillips, and stumbled across 2 very fresh blacks. Since then, nothing. Tonight, while at a friend's, we found a half a pound of blondes, under an apple blossom tree. They allowed us to take them, as they had no use or desire for them. Lucky us. So, it seems that the season has just begun for us in Price county, for the blondes. Will be out all day tomorrow, hunting these favorite delight of ours! Happy hunting!
Thanks jenjeninwi9, I was wondering if anyone would reply. I did take a look around my uncle's property, but I think I was too early. Good luck!
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