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it is pouring in Deleware Co. Right now! Calling for rain tomorrow also. I needed alot of rain. Still not giving up hope yet. This rain just gave me the motivation I needed after the worst season ever. Usualy find 10 to 15 pounds in three or four hunts. This year five hunts, 20 hours and not one morel. All i can say is keep raining. Going out to my best spots in three to four days after the rains. If i strike out the next time, im afraid to say. This season was a bust! I will keep you all informed. But this year has to be a record low for Pa. I know some of you all found some, but thats nothing. I usualy find 25-50 in the first 15;minutes. Good luck everyone! Im doing the rain dance! Fish On or F off! Steelheader out!
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