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Refrigerator drying morels

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I accidently refrigerator dried a few morels, when I forgot them in the fridge last year. I tossed them, with some leeks, into some beaten eggs and milk, gave it a minute, scrambled them up. Wow, they were great.
After looking into it I found a tutorial somewhere describing this process. It described putting the mushrooms in paper bags and leaving them in the fridge. You mix the mushrooms around often, I believe daily, and leave them until they dry. You can leave them in the refrigerator indefinitely or move them into dry storage elsewhere. Anyone do this, or have any good pointers for easy long term storage? Should I just dry them on trays sitting out? Any pointers appreciated.
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Last year had some in fridge wrapped in paper towels. They dried out keeping basically the same size. Ones on dehydrator did have shrinkage, but soaked overnight they come right back to size. Dried 32 trays. I soak mine in milk throw em in ziplock bag with seasoned flour, shake, put in hot bacon drippns in frying pan till golden brown. Remove. To pan add more bacon fat, some butter, leftover flour, stir cook slightly, adding leftover milk, stir to make sauce. Shroomtrooper I also put mine in 1/2 gal. mason jars. love to see them lined up on canning shelf.
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