Relation of False Morel to Morels?

Discussion in 'Oregon' started by Programmin, Apr 18, 2020.

  1. Programmin

    Programmin Young Morel

    I have recently been looking and finding some false morels. What is their relation to the nonpoisonous true morels, I would assume the same conditions and areas that can sustain them would sustain morels?

    Should I be looking later, looking higher, or lower elevation to find morels?? Maybe all the mushroom hunters just have already been through all the areas I've looked.
  2. Mathew S.

    Mathew S. Morel Enthusiast

    When I find falsies, I usually stick around a 100' radius of them and just keep looking. In Alaska, especially in the area I pick, the morels seem to grow along the south ridge of game trails and moss mounds. The moisture is a crucial component. I've never found one growing right next to the creeks though. You could be right about people picking them out before you got there as well. Especially if your seeing footprints and such. I know you'll find some soon as long as you stay determined. Have a good hunt!