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RTP Area 2015

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Are the shrooms a poppin yet? I have not yet hunted these buggers in NC yet but use to all the time in Michigan. Heck we had a patch that grew in our yard every year so we just wouldn't mow that spot until they were done. Not sure how plentiful they are around here but from what I have heard they don't grow like they did in Michigan. I was just wondering if anyone has had any luck yet? I know its a bit early but should be soon right?

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3 of us went out today up by eno river/falls lake. We ended up with about 70 greys/yellows. We found a nice area, but very tough picking. Most morels were small which makes spotting them tricky. Forest floor seemed dry...I dont think the area we searched had much rain last week like we had at my house near apex. Thinking about heading toward the mountains next weekend...we've had better luck up there in years past. Should be prime time next weekend as long as we get a little rain. Good luck hunters!
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