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S.E. Missouri. I want to buy up to 5 pounds of fresh mushrooms.

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If you are in the area of Lake Wappapello, Greenville, Puxico, Advance, Etc. or somewhere near these areas where we can meet up, and have up to 5 pounds of fresh mushrooms, not soaked (and no stumps attached please) I will pay $22.50 a pound cash money. I would prefer small to medium that will dehydrate easier. Please message me back on here if you are interested. Thanks
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When I say stumps, I mean the very dirt ends, not the stems. Clean stems are fine. Thanks again.
I am located in Belleville Illinois and I have quite a few I would be willing to let go of. I found 83 today and I will be back in the woods tomorrow as well. You can email me at [email protected] My name is Jake
Hi Jake,
I sent you an email. Hope it went thru ok. It is storming here very badly. Satellite is iffy right now. Thanks.
Hi, I can not log into my yahoo account or yahoo for that matter : ( I can not retrieve any messages right now. I sent you some emails. I hope you got them. If you need to communicate with me please call. Thanks
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