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First of all. I'd say 80% of the morels I find are in very, very, sandy soils and therefor the morels are always pretty sandy. Soaking them usually gets most of the sand off, but I'll still be eating morels sometimes and get that gritty crunch from some grains of sand that just refuse to let go of the mushroom. Anyone found a better way, or more efficient way of cleaning sand off of their morels?

Second. What's everyone's take on dehydrating extra morels vs. freezing them? It seams to me that dehydrating them would shrink them down, making them easier for storage, and you wound't have to take up a bunch of space in your freezer you could just toss em in the cupboard. Also, maybe as they were shrinking the sand on them would fall off naturally? I feel like I wouldn't eat them fast enough in the freezer and they'd get freezer burn...

Any and all ideas/opinions/techniques welcome. :mrgreen:
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