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Sangamon, Morgan and Scott Counties

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I've searched all my hot spots. No mushrooms yet. I was thinking there could be a few small grays soon with this heat, however Monday's cold front could set them back a few additional days.
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Still nothing..should be any day, hour, minute etc.. I'm pumped and ready!
Had some SERIOUS mushroom dreams last night!!! Means that they are getting closer to poppin! I saw that 2 weeks ago TX had some blacks in the northern portion, i am hoping some of this standing water starts to go away soon, or it may be a rough year! Im in Nappanee, IN, and there is still a lot of moisture...went and walked a few trails and it was seriously soggy!! :( I know I am ready though!!
Want a hunting buddy!! I found a couple pounds today but don't want to go alone any takers? I will share my spot if you share yours
why would you say that? Here is my facebook link to anyone who is not a jerk
Found about medium sized 60 grays this last weekend. Gonna be a boon this weekend!
Found about 20 today...some small greys and about 5 good sized yellows...just outside of Springfield. I'd post a pic but I've got a smart phone that rides the short bus.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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