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SB, IN☉ / Northern Indiana

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Anyone from or close to South Bend, IN? Curious if anyone has came across any yellows this year yet? I am aware that blacks and greys are popped, but as far as yellows go....on another note, I am quite the avid nature enthusiast and have a wide file on shroom hunting stored in the dome piece, but this is my first post for my fresh login here, so hey everyone.
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I firmly believe the greys and yellows are the same mushroom it is the temperature that changes their appearance I have been hunting for over 50 years just food for thought. Happy hunting!
Yes! Two years later, and now I've learned this is a fact! Thank you for your input. Happy Hunting :)
Just found out that all of my pics from the last two years on here are GONE. Bummer 😕
🍄 Happy 2023 Morel Season to all my shroomie pals out there! 🍄
Here in South Bend, IN, the season is creeping up on us and could easily be here after just a week of some nice 50° & sunny days. We've sure had a lot of precipitation, which definitely leaves me hopeful for an epic season this year.
(Don't let the picture fool ya, last week was t-shirt

Building Sky Snow Window House

weather, today snow, tomorrow who the hell knows 😂)
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