SCRID is missing

Discussion in 'Iowa' started by shroom god, May 15, 2014.

  1. shroom god

    shroom god Morel Connoisseur

    Hardcore shroomer Scrid seems to have gone missing! Any speculation on the nature of his absence? Lost in the woods? Too busy fryin' and eatin'? Crappie fishing? Rattlesnake-bitten?

    If you're lurking out there Scrid, what's up?
  2. scrid

    scrid Morel Enthusiast

    I'm here man! Been stomping the woods for 8 miles in two days. Found alot of Morels and have taken a bunch of pictures. Hope you guys are all doing great!
    Hey Shroom god what was your long term morel storage secret?

  3. shroom god

    shroom god Morel Connoisseur

    For the ones I has Easter morning, I froze 'em. Washed and split them, rinsed again, spun them in a salad spinner to remove excess moisture, shook them in a bowl of flour, laid them on wax paper on a cookie sheet, and fast froze them. Next day just bag 'em up! When cooking, try to keep the butter temp fairly stable by adding the frozen shrooms a few (10-15) at a time to hot butter. Cook, turning as necessary, until desired crispiness is achieved. They taste like fresh-picked!

    I also froze some unfloured ones for use in scrambled eggs, soup, or whatever.

    Do you have any secrets or variations on the theme?
  4. freeflow581

    freeflow581 Morel Connoisseur

    shroomgod...I'll try your method...but I have had good luck with below...

    after wash and prep like above (minus the salad spinner and flour). let air dry for 4-6 hours...I then put them in a vacuum seal box and pull out air, then vacuum seal the whole box in vacuum plastic. I pulled some out that were in chest freezer from 2 years ago...just like fresh.

    I am getting antsy for morels....too cold up here yet
  5. dlynch963

    dlynch963 Young Morel

    Hi everyone. Ive had no luck at all this year. My friend i shroom with died, feel like i lost all luck.
  6. shroomtrooper

    shroomtrooper Morel Connoisseur

    Sorry to hear that, just keep going out and just being in the woods will help, good luck.
  7. fungi

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    My best freezing method: fry up two pan fulls, lightly brown one pan and place single layer on cookie sheet then eat the other pan full. After frozen put in freezer bag. To cook up. Place frozen shrooms in hot buttered skillet. Fry till golden brown. Taste awesome. They are a great Xmas feast. It's nice to have 15 quarts ready plus I'll dry a few pounds for sauces. I found a 2 year old frozen pre cooked and still tasted "almost fresh picked"