Secret Locations Revealed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Tennessee' started by cornfed, Apr 11, 2016.

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    A few years ago i found a Morel late in the season on a disc golf course. It was old and limp and the only reason i found it was because i was playing disc golf that day and my disc landed right next to it so i noticed it when i picked up my disc.The people i was with didn't want to hunt for mushrooms, they wanted to continute to play disc golf, so i didn't have time to prospect. I've been looking there for the last few years but i havn'et found any more. But that doesn't mean they aren't there because i have my own locations that i put my time into and i really havn't put much time into this location.. My guess is they are all over down there. So here it is, Shelbyville in Bedford county. H. V. Griffin park. There is a Disc golf course, go to hole number six. There is a wet weather creek bed at the bottom of the hill, it runs directly across the fairway. Cross the creek and look to the left, that is the exact location where i found it. Why am i sharing this? Well i feel for the newbies lol. And it is public land so they'll proably find it anyways. BUt, only if i don't find them first lol. They are probably all along that creek bed and in the surrounding woods. And i have found them on Chestnut ridge here in Bedford county. If you want to search the land just pull into someones driveway on Chestnut Ridge and they will probably let you forage in there woods if you ask and explain to them what you are looking for, because they are really nice up there, just good ole country folk. Unless they are shroom hunters also lol. Then they might bring out the shotgun lol. Just kidding. Good luck fellow shroomers :)