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CharlieH: You can hunt mushrooms in Ohio State Parks. It's ok. I found out the hard way by missing out.

About 12 years ago, I was hiking with my Sweetie in a State Park and we came across 25 perfect Grey Morel Mushrooms. I didn't pick them because I though it was illegal. . . . Well . . . after getting home I began to wonder what was the authority I was relying on in making that assumption and leaving those beautiful mushrooms in the forest.

So I called the park office for that State Park and was informed that is was ok to pick mushrooms in State Parks. I then called about 6 more State Parks and asked the same question. The answer was always the same. "OK"

The prior and misinforming piece of information for me had been that at that time, it was usually (written) expressed "to call the individual state park and ask". It wasn't explicitly stated in a blanket way that it is ok to pick mushrooms in all State Parks. I since found out that it is so. It's OK.

Happy Hunting.
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