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Shroomin aint for wussies!

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Ol ShroomDawg's been in training for the past several weeks preparing for the 2015 season. Started my training by frying up the last batch of shrooms from the deep freeze while slamming down a couple of Amber Bock beers, those last shrooms from the freezer put the Ol Dawg on notice that we's officially out of Morchella's and this is of great concern to Dawg and the Mrs.

So now I'm in the field building up my stamina and endurance, started with a few brisk walks through the woods not far from the house. Did not take long and I moved my training to the river bluffs along the MO river. The 1st few climbs were a bona fide bitch but now I'm barely breathing hard when I hit the ridge.

I'm calling you out Morel Finder, I know who you are and I think you know me so this year we'll see who's king of the Morchellas in NWMO. This aint a joke so if you want some bring it! I'll be waiting to hear from ya, in the mean time take a look at the last batch of Shrooms the Dawg found May 13 of 2014 just so you know what you're up against. L8R!

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Tickle Boy if there are stumps for you to leave it's because I aint been there or I left y'all some to pick in the 1st place, I'm good that way!

I'll tell ya something, if'n I was to take ya out shroomin you would come back as a Tick Man! LOL
Damn son, there you go dreaming again. No use getting all worked up yet cuz it aint happening for probably 10 days or more but once things start to happen we'll let the season play out and see where the Ol Dawg ends up on the Shroom totem pole MF.

No hard feelings no matter what happens but I'll dang sure let you know how to celebrate when I'm on top looking down on you pups. :wink:
Yeah I'm pretty old school. need to get me some of those Morchella bags with the netting so them spores can be free. I'll check on the interwebs to see where a man can buy some.

Used to have a couple of bags from a 10 lb bag of oranges/grapefruit that worked ok for shroomin but were just a tad to narrow and when you got too many shrooms in there they would get smashed on the bottom, especially when I was running after hearing " Hey, who in the HELL gave you permission to shroom in these woods? Get the HELL outta there you ShroomDawg SOB" :wink:
I'll check it out, I need to get some Wally time anyway, things are getting to dull around the house. :lol:
Checked the wild plum out in the backyard whilst mowing the yard, I'm thinking you're right on the Sunday for the 1st hunt. The ol plum tree should be bloomin which means the Dawg will be shroomin.

If we take the "Pickle" make sure you got some fresh gas, the Ol Dawg aint wantin to haul a buncha shrooms hoofing up/down the river bank cuz the Pickle puked all over itself.
I like you already, you're cocky and that's good but if you're judging a shroomer by 1 picture and some plastic bags you's definitely a rook son. But if it makes you feel better I'll get me one of those high tech mesh bags and some cutting shears/knife walk around with a Go Pro camera, a cool looking floppy camo brim hat and then you can call me "The Tick Man". MFROTFLMAO. :lol:
ShroomDawg has good news for all shroomers.
The ol plum tree has finally starting bloomin which means y'all better think about getting out and shroomin. It's a done deal, in the next few days we should have some reports of decent finds around the KC area, at least enough to get some in the skillet. The plum tree has spoken.
A little rain would be of great help too.
Chappie the day the plum tree spoke (4-7-15) was the day my nephew found a small shroom in Weston Bend Park so I'll hold to my prediction that shrooms will be found in the KC area this weekend. Might not be the Muthalode but enough to slam a few beers with after a hard day of stompin the woods. If the rain continues to be south of KC I may need to make a run somewhere south and east of KC as that area has been getting slammed with a lot of rain.
But I do agree the main season will not kick in for the KC area until next week.

MF'R why would anyone want to cut down ShrroomDawgs prized plum tree? You know the tree don't lie and this weekend the tree will prove itself again.
Tickle, if that tree is lying then the tree is dying but I think the tree is going to prove once again it's blooms bring the shrooms.

Just saw where someone in St Joe found some small greys so right now I'm betting on the Ol Plum Tree living on bro.
Not looking good for the Ol Plum tree, went out to my early spot and it's looking like next week before the shrooms pop.

If anyone within 60 miles of KC finds enough to throw in the skillet (1-2 lbs) before 04/13/2015 post the pictures to save the Ol Plum tree. Tickle Boy wants to use the Plum for his smoker so I'm asking y'all for some help here. That Plum tree was something the wife got from MO conservation Dept so she's not gonna be happy if I have to let Tick Boy cut it for smoke wood.

I'm gonna blame Chappie for this situation, the boy and his apple tree done jinxed me.

Save the Ol Plum Tree from Tick Boy's smoker, newrocker believes in the tree.
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I'll be going out on Sunday, might look around a little this afternoon close to the house but after yesterdays short hunt not expecting to find much if anything until Sunday.
Chappie got some pics from one of my brothers yesterday, shrooms were found on the bottoms near St Joe and the other pic was 2-3 lbs of shrooms that were found near The Legends off I 435 in KC KS. The brothers are going out today but I'm working so maybe I'll get out tomorrow. So the Ol Plum tree lives to see another season, I still say the Ol Plum tree is a pretty good indicator going off the shroom pics my brother sent yesterday. :wink: I'll see if I can get him to post those pic for y'all :lol:
Hmmmm...........looks like Ol ShroomDawg had some unwanted guests this afternoon. Trespassers with a damn ax fixin to take the Ol Plum tree down for smoke wood.

Look MF'R the tree was already spared when you sent those pics yesterday of the shrooms from KCKS around The Legends so stay the hell off my property and my damn Plum Tree, especially when I'm working and the wife is home by her lonesome.

So did Tick Boy take the pic of you with the ax and my Plum Tree? you can tell'm the same deal, stay the hell off my property and stay the hell outta my shroom spots.
I'm done with trying to use any trees, bushes, or logic when predicting shrooms, I think you just have to get off the porch and go. Went yesterday and my bro found 8 small greys east of KC, some other family members went north of St Joe and found enough to fry.

That would have put the nephew and his hunting party about 70 miles north of where me and the bros hunted yesterday so the Dawg is done talkin and will be doing more walkin. Good luck y'all. :wink:
Well, I had the day off from work and went out for bout 2 1/2 hrs and found enuff to keep the Mrs off my tail for a few days.

Ya know it aint like it use to be when a man could stray off some public land over into some prime shroomin ground and not havta worry bout gettin shot by some SOB who thinks the Dawg was over there on purpose. I wanna call for a truce and cease fire, I'm gonna shroom that land so you might as well welcome the Dawg and learn why I'm runnin outta there with bags of shrooms and you can't find enough to get yur sweetie off yur ass.

Mr Landowner I the Dawg sincerely apologize for trippin on your shrooms and kickin some into my bag, it was purely accidental ya see. Mr Landowner sir yur missin a grand opportunity.

Now let me explain why yur missin a grand opportunity, If I'm on your land there is a damn good chance thar in there thick and if you want maximum bag stuffin the Dawg will make it happen for just a small fee, let's just say half of the shrooms we find because if your huntin with me yur gonna actually find enough shrooms to make it worth yur time son.

If'n y'all think the Dawg is strippin yur ground of shrooms and you were to run into to the Dawg here's how you'll know it's me, just say "Whats up Dawg"? if the answer is "I'm yur Huckleberry" well boy you just hit the jackpot. Now it's time to welcome the Dawg and let him be yur shroom guide and when the hunt is over it'll be quite clear why they's callin me ShroomDawg, oh and it don't hurt to offer me a beer and a good cigar if'n yuns has one :wink:

No muthalode but the Mrs can eat shrooms for a few meals :lol:

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Shame the Dawg ain't huntin with ya today MF'R cuz we's probably needin a slighty bigger boat than your 16ft river John, I'll be waitin for pics of the day's haul :wink:
Chappie I'm working today and tomorrow so won't have much time to get out til next week, I'll be on vacation starting next Wed til May 4 maybe then I can make up for lost shroomin time and a little crappie fishin :wink:
Tickle you and MF'R need the Dawg to put y'all on the shrooms, maybe Sunday we'll get serious and pull in a ShroomDawg worthy haul.............ya know it!

Also need to get out there and catch some crappie for the spring fish fry and shrooms. :p
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