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I hunt mainly the river bottom of the Missouri and the Blackbird Hills but most of these tips are universal. A lot of people look for specific trees, however, any dead tree whether upright or on the ground increases the probability that mushrooms will be around. When a tree is dead it begins to shed bark, as the bark hits the ground it kicks up the ground around it causing the spores under to be exposed. Imagine the effect of a whole tree falling and the disturbance to the immediate area it would cause. Not to mention the nutrients the decay provides. I prefer to look around standing dead Cottonwood trees. Always look at the root ball of any downed tree.

When you find your first mushroom do not pick it right away. Instead walk a distance away from it and look for it again. Do this from different angles several times being careful not to step on other hidden mushrooms. This will tune your mushroom eyes in

Again I cannot emphasize enough the importance of taking different angles when you find a mushroom. A lot of times I will cover the same area taking several angles.

Get low!!! I often find myself crawling on the ground.

With Morels we all know that south facing slopes, ravines, banks, mounds, rises etc increase the odds due to heat cuased from more exposure to the sun.

Little purple flowers are a great sign. And marijuana (ditch weed)

Open areas near a forest such as the edge of a field or where field meets forest are great. People often run past this area. That's why a lot of times we head out, comeback skunked, only to find they were right next to the truck. This happens quite often. My wife prefers forest edges.

Reeds reeds reeds!!! Always look in reed beds.

Hope this helps.
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