South Carolina Morels

Discussion in 'South Carolina' started by chrismatherly, Mar 6, 2013.

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    Should be getting real close for your first find!
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    Hi! My name is Jennifer and we are new to South Carolina.
    Where in South Carolina do morrel mushrooms grow? We just moved to the Low Country and we looked in the forest in our area but have not found anything yet. Any suggestions? I know it is too late now, but doesthis mushroom grow in South Carolina?

    Thank you for your time,

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    Jennifer, YES it does! :) I know of people who find them in Charleston all the time- so you should be in luck. We have them in the upstate/mtns area, also...not sure about the middle of the state/columbia area. You may have a local mushroom hunting club, like the Upstate SC Mycology Club or the Asheville Mushroom Club (but in your area). Universities like Clemson and the local mushrooms clubs should be able to help you, also. Maybe check with College of Charleston and see if someone there knows a good spot...there should be a foraging or something club on the campus, too- the students there tend to be a pretty earthy crowd. Good luck and welcome to South Carolina!! :) :)