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Southern il can't wait

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Last year living in southern il hope it is a good season!!! Precipitation has been good and we actually had a winter this year. Few more weeks and it will be on hopefully. Good luck to everyone
Gear up
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Found the first grey on 18 March last year (west central IL). Season was done the third week of April. Looks promising this year! Anticipation!
Where are you in Southern Illinois, boom monster? I have family there and am thinking about a trip to go hunting.
Was just thinking I found greys on March 17 last year in southern IL. Was a crazy year down there. Best of luck to all.
There was a find of blacks in SW Kentucky, your season should be close to starting up.
Looking forward to this season, we're due for a good one. Found first ones near Springfield on 3/19, normally find them around Masters(golf) weekend. Watch the progress unfold the next 3 weeks, better late than never. Snow this upcoming Sunday will have thoughts of discouragement but no worries, it's actually normal most years. If it snows 2 weeks after they pop worry, but never before.

Unfortunately I'll be living vicariously through others this year, that being so, I'll bet it's one of the best seasons in recent years.

Good luck all, it's nearly upon us.

Like the registration, hopefully you can change password somehow?
Texter123, I am in the carbondale area!! Weather has cooled a bit for the next week or so should start getting a bit warmer after that. Had a nice a day of rain this past week and lt looks like a bit more in A few days!!!
You're a little more south than my family then (Mt. Carmel, Illinois). The rain is good news.
Just decided that there is no patience while waiting for the morels to get here. Thinking it is going to be a good season. Pleanty of rain and no hot weather in forcast.
Things are looking good that is for sure. We finally are getting the temps up now and plenty of rain. Time for a little less rain and a bit more sunshine. Dandilions out everywhere...we are close here in Williamson Co.
Hey Poacher I think its gonna be primo this weekend!!! When you going out?
Perry county here. I think I might hit it tomorrow just to get loosened up. I don't find any black ones so I got to wait on the yellow and grays. I have a spot where they come up early. I am thinking next weekend should be good.
Gonna try to get some crappie to go with them for a fry.
I was thinking here in perry county within the next few days, night temp fri and sat is gonna be in the mid 30s with the high in the mid 50s, Any chance that will hurt or slow things down?
Ground temps are coming up quickly. Few Dandelions are up and the Buck Brush is leafing up. Saw photos of a few greys around St. Louis and KC. Hopefully we have a mellow and Humid spring! Good luck to all!
Any tips for tick prevention? I had quite a few on me yesterday and did not like it!
Hudson27....I use Sawyer's insect repellent. It is primarily Permethrin. This stuff is need to treat your clothes that you are going to wear with it and let it dry over night. It is what the military uses and I have used for mushroom and turkey thing i've found!!!!!
Night temps in perry will slow down growth but I bet there will be some up by then! Ill be in P'ville through the weekend fishing and picking!!!!
I'll be in p'ville as well this weekend doing the same exact thing lol. Was a little worried about the night temps, but I have to agree they should be quite a few up by this weekend, fingers crossed. If i don't get any shrooms i'll be sure to have plenty of crappie:) hope we all find pounds and pounds!
You guys are not allowed to hunt here unless you teach me how to catch crappie. I just came out of the hills. No early ones yet. I did find a small red one. Thing there should be a few up by the weekend. I hope they don't come up till Monday though.
As far as ticks I was in a woods down by carbondale where I was working today for about 20 minutes and picked 5 of the off of me. I use deep woods off, the powder form in blue spray cans generously and had 0 ticks from the strip hills.
Ill teach you to catch crappie when you show me where u hunt shrooms! Lol. I was hoping perry would pick up some rain these next couple days so the weekend would be good! Ill give ya one tip....I never go crappie fishing without a very full cooler :)
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