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Southwest Iowa

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I haven't found any yet. Hope they get going soon.
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I haven't found any yet either, and I live in Burlington, Iowa!
They're up. (tiny...but up) found 5 little yellows today
Good luck, Amber!

Thanks for the report, Turtle Power. Good to hear they are starting!
my bad! obviously I cant read! lookin for a SE/EC Iowa report
yep, but if it helps, I'm the CB/Omaha Metro area
I found a handful of small greys tonight. Found them about 20 miles north of the Iowa-Missouri border. The next few weeks will be fun! C'mon rain!
SW, those first ones sure smell good don't they. I should have stayed in MO. today. I made a Kansas run that is usually pretty lucrative, but had to settle for a couple of pounds. My gas to weight ratio is all out of wack today. Got to follow the rain. SW I can't remember, hills or bottoms guy, or wherever they grow?
KB, they sure do and it's always fun to find the first ones. I'm hills only. Wouldn't have a clue on the bottom hunting, though I'd probably try it under the right circumstances, as it's be fun to try something different. Generally, though, I have trouble covering all my ground in a season so it's worked out for me all these many years (24 in my current spots, and 47 years total of hunting morels). I've been wondering how your season is going. Sorry to hear the Kansas run wasn't as good as expected.
I went down to Kansas, too, and it was terrible--not a one. Hoping this rain pushes the morels on through southwestern Iowa...!
This rain will sure help the mushrooms I'm hoping! I will definitely be out this weekend looking! :D
SW, Part of the Kansas problem was a lack of patience. We should have stuck with our original plan, but some hot tips led us on a wild chase for a hidden motherload. Well there is a reason for the old saying " a bird in hand is worth two in the bush" . You can't pick morels driving down highways, well you can but that is another story. cindyloo sorry to hear your trip to Kan. was poor. Northern Mo is good this year. Come on down and pick some. SW, me and some pickers will be heading your way soon from Mo. I would be more than happy to let you meet up with me in some bottoms that way if you don't mind fighting through masses of logs. I hunt everything everywhere so I'm flexible. Driving is no big deal, already have a 627 mile one day round trip logged. So we could hunt anywhere from St. Joe to the Minn. line.
KB, that would be fun. I'd love to do that some time this season. Thanks for the offer!
I wouldn't mind joining, either, KB!! I'm in the CB/Omaha area & will travel a fair distance.... tired of ending up with 1 or 2 the last couple of years!! :cry:
If ya'll go before Friday, let me know. Would love to join, and I've been driving hours and hours on end for empty mesh, so what's one more trip? I don't even want a lot--just a handful to sauté and enjoy once before heading back to New Hampshire on Friday (land of the Never Shroom).
I would love to take shroomin cindylo but im a piece north of omaha not sure where your at. picked 3lbs before getting drowned like a rat today.
Old Picker, did you happen to go by the name Maven in the long ago on these message boards? I always enjoyed those posts and all the knowledge and timely reports Maven shared. Good luck!
I was near Sioux City last night and found about a pound over a two-hour hunting period. Not quite SW, but West at least!

I'm in Omaha/CB and need to explore the area more. Found two decent yellows near the pedestrian bridge in the nearby timbers this morning, but I literally only searched for five minutes before having to be somewhere for work.

Family in the more-rural areas are saying they can't find them in the hills yet. All my luck has been near rivers and lakes so far.
Misbehavin, I live in CB but I never hunt around here, strange as that sounds. There are lots of good spots in town. We stumbled upon some at a local park area a few years ago at work over by the Mall of the Bluffs out in the middle of a grassy field. I can perfectly picture that spot you found yours by the ped bridge as I've spent a lot of time there and other spots along the levee doing work projects. Hope you keep finding them. My spots south of town are agonizingly slow getting going this year. I'm more than ready for the time when you go out and KNOW they are up and widespread. Not there yet. So I concur with what your family members are experiencing in the more-rural areas. I'm worried about the weeds already in my spots being a problem even earlier than they normally are, in effect shortening the season.
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