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Southwest part of Mo.

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They are up.
I picked enough for dinner tonight.
Need rain badly though to seal the deal
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Found 6 small morels just north of Branson today. Also found a bunch of false morels. The Morel King and I believe we just found the "early" ones. We definitely need the rain and they should be popping big time by Friday of next week!
Oh yea, this was from today, not yesterday. Couldn't find today's gas receipt. Two were already eaten when I thought about posting and another 1 or 2 were devoured by my wife before I could get the shot taken. We must pray for rain to insure many more plate fulls of the deliciousness...

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I looked at a few "good" spots Friday north of Springfield and didn't find one.

Walked 3 1/2 hours + to find the shrooms in the pics. There were no clusters...just an occasional straggler. Worked HARD for the two meals we'll get out of our mess. We need some significant moisture and humidity before the start coming out in groves (at least that's what we hope!). I keep telling myself its better to be early than late...

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You've "heard Stories", I've heard stories. I don't eat them, mainly due to my wife and what she's heard. False morels are just an indicator for me. If you find them; the real ones are about 2 weeks behind...from what I've heard.

I wouldn't suggest anyone eating them, nor have I suggested anyone eat them BTW.
Hi Veronica,
Looks like I should have started a post for Taney Co.! I have yet to find any in Greene Co. Have you found any here? What Co. did you find your original ones? Find any more since them?
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