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Southwest part of Mo.

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They are up.
I picked enough for dinner tonight.
Need rain badly though to seal the deal
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It rained yesterday and was sunny and 68 today. I busted but to get home. Grabbed both my boys (6 and 10) and headed out.

We started off with no luck at all in lower areas. After looking there for a half hour we hiked up the hill to a railroad. Started walking it and looking up its steep bank. Soon we started seeing some. Then more. The most we found around a tree was 5. Most were fresh and some starting to dry up. Found 6 really nice ones around a dead elm tree on the walk back by the road.

These were all large yellows btw. Found them mainly around elm trees. Some large oaks yielded one med size morel on the north side of the tree. Found a couple under a large hedge tree. Youngest boy stopped to tie his shoe on a rail road tie and one about bit him. Big one! He was excited to say "got one"! Total today was 20 morels. 1lb 1.6oz.
If I new how to post pics from my phone to here I would.
I found theses south of Highlandville on a steep eastern slope.
Nice photos SWMO!! I love the picture with the dogwood in the background. Very picturesque!!!
41 - 46 of 46 Posts
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