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Honestly I dont believe anyone is a pro at this thing. If being obsessed counts, then I'll throw my .02 in. I like to take everything into factor.

Georgraphically speaking, I believe OH and WV to be in similar weather patterns and we find them around the same time you all do. At least in the western/North Central areas of WV where I am. The figures below are for my regional area.

2012 weather was horrible. 19 out of 20 days in March 2012 were above 60, with most above 70 and a few in the 80s
Average high temps and precip totals:
February - 46F 2.86"
March - 65F 3.04"
April - 64F 1.38"

This year has been a more traditional late Winter early Spring:
Average high temps and precip totals:
February - 40F 2.09"
March (thru the 10th) - 44F 0.75"

Also - soil temps on March 10, 2012 were in the mid 50's....this morning they were in the mid 40's and we just had three 60F+ days in a row. I believe it would be a safe bet that my area will see a normal start. With that said, later still means earlier for most people because a lot of folks don't get out until April. With the temps and precip in the 10 day forecast I think were at least 10-14 days out here. I am feeling good about Good Friday (no pun intended). For comparison, last year I know there were many many blacks and early greys found March 20th and even earlier in some spots.

I walked my property yesterday and it still looked like Winter even though it was 71 out. I found a few cup fungi and the trees had some nubbins' on their twigs, other than that, its early early Spring in NC WV. I was picking ramps this time last year, they haven't even popped yet.

I'm no pro, just my observations.

Full moon is on March 27.
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