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Discussion in 'South Carolina' started by janiebug, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. janiebug

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    Any advice on storing morels. I want to save some for Easter Sunday when my kiddos come to town. Will the morels I have saved from Monday and Tuesday be good till then? I know not to wash them. Any other advice?
  2. davyg

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    Pick out some that you want to save, put them in a brown paper bag and keep in the fridge. Wash em when your ready to eat. They should be fine for a week or so.

  3. Man of the Woods

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    Years ago, we dried morels cardboard "beer" flats. They would shrink a little, but once dried, we would thread a cloth fishline thru the stems and hang them in the attic (hot and dry area).
    When we wanted some, we unthreaded a couple skillets full, soak them in water an hour or so to make them moist, then dry them, split, flour and fry them in butter. They would last in the attic until we ran out for the season. I remember one year we had the last batch in July. Good hunting (and eating!!.
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