Storing Chants

Discussion in 'New York' started by lynkage, Jun 25, 2016.

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    With the incredible dryness we're having(even the thunderstorms completely miss us or drop little more than a sprinkle) I started thinkin' about my dry stores and wishing that I'd made the extra effort to squirrel more away.Anyway,in case anyone is interested I've noticed that chants are a different animal when it comes to storing.Drying seems to make them tough and freezing outright tends to make them bitter.A friend of mine grinds the dried ones into powder and uses them like seasoning.You get the flavor but not the texture.I've pickled them and they're great that way but are only for snacking.So when there's a bumper crop I saute piles of 'em in butter(and maybe a little seasoning),cool 'em and put in freezer bags with all the juice they produced.Saving the juice is key and I'll add a little white wine or sherry to the pan during cooking to make sure there's plenty.A quart bag holds a nice meal's worth.Add to whatever dish you want.Just needed to post something about shrooms.Now I need to get back to pumping water out of the pond,if there's any left,for the veg gardens.Happy................watering!!!
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    Lynk, Good input on Chant storing. It is dryer than all get out!!!! Went for a forage yesterday as we had spotty storms last week to no avail. Checked some Chant buttons I found a while ago and they haven't budged. Too dry! Just got done watering the garden. Good news I can use a hose and city water, bad news is the vegs don't like the chlorinated water and I don't like the city.
    Better days ahead!