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Strangest place you've found a morel?

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I'll give two:

In the middle of a creek, on a sandbar...growing right out of the sand.

A huge yellow growing down in the middle of a rotted stump.
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I found one growing out of moss on a rock in the middle of a little ravine. I guess the rain water washed a spore onto it. Pretty cool though.
Central Indiana, waist high, in a large knothole in large oak stump. No pictures. I'm thinking now it might have been a naturalized M. rufobrunnea -- doesn't make sense, otherwise.
In the middle of a plowed field in Scotland County. No trees around, a single morel growing in the middle of the field walking in from turkey hunting.
inside an old barn middle of the woods was a kid 20 years ago
Right off my front porch, I thought that was pretty neat. Sitting outside, and talking, and there's a morel right there..
Right next to footpath by the koi pond - sitting up proud & handsome by its lonesome!!
Found 2 of them growing between the cracks of the sidewalk 2 blocks south of Broadway on 7th Street in Hannibal.
One of our 'hotspots' is in a small patch of woods...upon exiting the woods there were 3 morels just growin' in the grass...NOWHERE near the woods!
Dad back in the 90's found them growing out of a pile of agricultural lime at a rock quarry in Northern Mo. Picked them there several years in a row. Funny thing is that the pile was right along side the gravel road that went by the place and visible from the road. Nobody ever saw them and he kept quiet!
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Very Old Secluded Trash Dump between Twin Lakes west of Lincoln NE. We had to take a boat to get there and this old farm dump site had many large morels growing between and right out of the old rusted tin cans that collected dirt over the years. We tried to find it many years later but could not. No pictures. No kidding.
Found 3 big yellows growing out of 1inch landscaping gravel in a neighborhood but 8 years ago, we found 2 lbs in a cedar thicket. I thought the 2 didn't mix
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