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Discussion in 'Virginia' started by hill-climber, Aug 9, 2016.

  1. hill-climber

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    how has the va summer mushrooms been treating every one, i have found tons of cinabar chanterelle along streams near moss. only a few gold chanterelle and a few chicken of the woods about a month ago? how is every one elses season going? what are you finding? where in va are you? i am near the snp in centeral va
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    Well I am just starting in mushroom collecting. Really looking to go with someone that knows their shrooms. But I have found an area in western Virginia that is perfect with lots of hard wood and conifers and very damp and dark hollows. Be willing to share the spot with a knowledgeable hunter that wouldn't mind showing me the ropes. Saw lots of shrooms there but don't know enough to say for sure what they were. I'm pretty sure i did identify a few Jackolanterns but tons of others there too.