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Susquehanna Valley Hunting

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I live in the Susquehanna Valley and have been out several times and not seen a single hint of morels. Is it possible that it's still too cold up here? The nighttime temps have not yet reached the 50s as the Michigan board B-Rock suggested said were ideal-

Dandelions are blooming at lower altitudes, but I've been hunting the mountainsides of State Game Lands.

Anyone in or near this area have any luck?

Thanks in advance!
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I live in Tioga County Near Wellsboro and havent found anything yet..Maybe this weekend will get them started.
Went out yesterday near Lock Haven and harvested 84 greys and 2 whities...
I went for a walk around my woods last night in northern Pa. I live in a valley where 4 mountains converge so I have north, south, east and west facing woods. Went for a walk on the south and east facing slopes and didn't see a nothin'. Good thing I didn't embarrass myself and bring along a bag. Did bring back 2 deer ticks, though... First time I ever had one on me. 8-O
Went out yesterday and still nothing. Either they aren't out yet or I'm looking in the wrong places. Mayflowers are about to bloom and ramps are rampant ;-0 so it might be the spots I'm picking. :cry:
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